The Television Cooperative was founded in 1995 by a long term veteran of television sales management. He managed sales departments of television stations in New York, St. Louis, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He had also grown up in a family that owned a radio station in rural Missouri and had worked his way through college helping small business owners become involved with promoting themselves on television. He has had the unique experience of having worked with medium to small businesses and managing sales departments of some of the largest television stations in the United States.

It is his unique concept that combines the knowledge of the needs of medium small businesses and how major market television stations need to operate that form the backbone of the TVC US, INC. marketing program. The bottom line is: Now medium to small businesses can afford to the use the most powerful advertising medium ever developed without putting the financial well being of their business at risk.

Now your business can compete with major advertisers like: Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Macy's, Office Depot etc.

Our proven formula works for all kinds of businesses...even businesses like yours!!